Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant within: The Review 2021

Ever wished to have control over your emotions? Go through our in-depth review of Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within.

If you Want to determine your own destiny? Then this book is the right one for you. 

Tony Robbins is back with a fantastic book to guide us all into creating a better future by controlling your mind, your emotions, and your consciousness. 

I read the book and here is my complete review of the famous Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

Bottom Line Upfront: Awaken The Giant Within is a book that falls under the category of the self-help genre, and the first edition was written by Anthony Robbins in 1992. This is the revised edition and was published in 2001. The book is all goal setting, relationships, and personal finance. I have also read the book and it definitely helps. You should also read Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

For those of you who don’t know who Tony Robbins is, I’ll be telling you about him, and then I’ll dive into my review of this book. I’ll be explaining to you the content of the book and the things I liked or hated about this book. Apart from it, I’ll be telling you if you should read this book or not. 

So let us start then.

About The Author: Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is one of the world’s best life coaches and personality changes. He has organized so many seminars and has by far helped more than thousands of people in getting a better life.

Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within - Overview

Tony has written various books, and some of them are best-sellers, such as Inner Strength. He is one of the best out there to help you in your life to get better and gain a better experience.

This book, Awaken the Giant Within, shows how Tony took control of all the aspects of his life and became what he is today. He will also help us to gain the same success as he did.

As a fan of Tony, I can assure you that he is a personality you should follow and learn from.

Now that we know about Tony, let us get into the details of the book. 

Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within | The Book

Now, I will tell you about the chapters of the book and what they are teaching one by one. The book is divided into multiple parts. And hence, I will be showing all those parts along with the chapters they cover one-by-one.

So let’s start then.

Part 1

The first part is the most significant part of the entire book, and it talks about all that determines both the success and failure of a person. The things you need to become successful lies within you already.

Chapter 1: Dreams Of The Destiny. 

The book begins with the story of his dreams. Dreams about changing and the ways to bring about real and long-lasting changes. He found and listed all the vital elements of people who are successful have achieved all these changes. In his research, he came across all the factors which successful people have in common. 

Unleash The Power - Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within

He then established 3 stages of success

  1. Raising Standards: He listed all the things he cannot tolerate anymore in his life. 
  2. Changed the limiting beliefs: Beliefs are what your subconscious state orders you and influences what you do. To attain your goals, there is a need for your beliefs to work in sync with your dreams. 
  3. Modifying Your Strategy: In order to attain your goals, you need to adopt the most appropriate strategies or modify it likewise. 

Along with these three steps in order to attain your goals, you also need to master the 5 most crucial aspects of life and which are your emotions, body, relationships, money, and time. 

All in all, Awaken The Giant Within is all about increasing the quality of your life and the level of satisfaction it gives you. Even though Tony is not physically present, he still intends to provide you with the best possible. But ultimately it all depends upon you. 

Chapter 2: Decision: The Power Path

Your future depends upon the very moment you make a decision. The decision is to be determined in getting a specific result, and there is no place for any other possibility. All in all, decision making is the ultimate power that resides within you and is crucial for your success. So you should never hesitate to decide.

Take The Initiative - Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within

Chapter 3: Power Determining Your Life

You may know it or not, but there is just a straightforward force which determines your course of actions of mine and your life as well as the many lives on this planet which is Pain And Pleasure. It is not the pain and pleasure who themself rule the people; instead, it is the fear of pain and the idea of pleasure.

Overall it is all about how you perceive reality, and in this chapter, you will learn about this phenomenon via associations. 

Chapter 4: Power To Create And Destroy, The Belief System

A belief is what we generalize, and it eventually becomes the feeling of certainty which we don’t often question which can work in both good and bad ways leading to positive and negative effects. Here in this chapter, you will come across beliefs that are common in winners and guide you to obtain these all thanks to the powerful technique of calling into question. 

Unreached Height

Chapter 5: Can You Change Immediately?

Chapter 5 answers this question, and the gist is that it is totally up to you. If you are someone with utter conviction, then certainly you can see the change immediately. In this chapter, you will learn why you need to prepare yourself for a change and get control of your life by yourself. No one other than you yourself is solely responsible for a long-term change. 

Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within - Iniative

Chapter 6: Bringing Change In Any Aspect Of Life: Neuro-Associative conditioning science. 

In order to bring about changes in one’s behavior, one needs to associate their old behavior with unbearable pain and a sense of pleasure to the new one. This, in scientific terms, is called Neuro-Associative conditioning. 

There are 6 Conditioning steps in order to obtain change:

  1. Deciding what you desire and what is coming in the way to achieve it.
  2. Look for motivation and associate immense suffering to not changing and tremendous pleasure to immediate changing. 
  3. If a model restricts you drop it.
  4. Look for a new and dynamic model.
  5. In order to make it constant, reproduce it.
  6. Test your model.

All this forms the basis of Neuro-associative conditioning

Chapter 7: Way To Get All That You Want

You need to begin by asking yourself what do you desire and what matters to you? And also, why do they matter? In order to obtain your desires, you have to consciously bring about changes in your mental state. Movement creates emotions, and you can do this by putting into use your body.

Some will help you feel motivated; some will boost your self-confidence, and others will help you calm down. All in your state of mind is affected by the ways you put your body to use, and in order to bring a change in life, there is a need to bring about changes in your mental state.

Chapter 8: Best Tool: Questions

Questions have the capacity of modifying the perspective instantly and overall the way we feel. Our brain will do anything to find an answer to the question we put forward. It is thus vital to ask yourself positive questions rather than pitying yourself. Though this is something which is easier said than done, in tough times it can prove out to be very helpful in making you emerge more robust as a person. 

Chapter 9: Vocabulary Of The Ultimate Success

Words can describe your most significant victories as well as failures. Accurate use of words in order to describe the experience can intensify stimulating emotions. Still, the wrong choice can destroy it too.

Lack of vocabulary can make it difficult for people to render feelings; on the other hand, a rich vocabulary can be of great help in describing experiences because of the diversity of terms. Things as simple as changing your everyday vocabulary can bring about an instant change in the way we feel, think, and lead life. 

Chapter 10: Overcoming obstacles and launching success: the power of metaphors

Metaphors though seem ordinary they have exceptional power. Metaphor is when you explain something by comparing the concept to something else altogether. It depends totally upon you to control these metaphors. Though it may sound very simple but correct use of metaphors can break your thought train but can have life-changing effects. 

Chapter 11: The Ten Most Dynamic Emotions

Most people function according to a set routine. They might be comfortable with it but lack a sense of passion. Many people cannot control their emotions, so they get stuck in a routine in order to save themselves from suffering from something else.

This chapter talks about 4 ways of reckoning your emotions by avoiding them, denying them, exaggerating them, and learning for them, and finally using them. All emotions you feel are practical on this basis.

Your negative emotions become a call to action. All your emotions are a gift, and they are within you. In short, you are the source, and thus you feel the same way you wish to. You can simply feel good if you want to for no particular reason if you decide it simply. You will come across the six-step method that can help you become a master of your own emotions.

  1. Identifying the real feelings that you experience
  2. Discovering and appreciating your emotions and also realizing the fact that they are helpful.
  3. Being curious about messages, your emotion is trying to give you.
  4. Being Confident. 
  5. Ensuring that you will handle emotions easily in the future and plan the strategy you wish to use.
  6. Find your motivation and then act.

This method will benefit you from the action signals to progress. 

Chapter 12: Extraordinary Future: Magnificent Obsession

Motivation is stimulated by big goals. According to Tony, nobody is lazy; it is just that some goals make you powerless. You can function even on poor sleep when you are very passionate about goals. When you have a target in your mind, it is vital to make a plan and take the crucial steps to reach there. In order to maintain your motivation, you need to attain your short term goals at least once a day. 

Take Life to the Next Level - Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within

Chapter 13: 10 Days Challenge (10 Days, 4 rules, 1 Challenge)

  1. Refusing to be attracted towards unproductive feelings and thoughts for 10 continuous days.
  2. Using various techniques in order to get yourself in a state of mind which is productive if you are someone who concentrates on negative thoughts. 
  3. Solution-oriented concentration. 
  4. Pulling yourself together in the moment of weakness.  

Conclusion: Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within | The Review 2021

My overall opinion of this book is very positive. The book is complete, with no loose ends whatsoever. The lessons are thorough, simple to understand, and very motivating. What I learned from the book was very helpful when I applied it in real life. 

However, the few things which set me back were the arrogance and touted by Tony Robbins mentioning his own achievements and his own traits. Furthermore, the book is full of self-promotion of Tony’s products. Maybe they could have cut down the book size if they didn’t include such hard selling. Moreover, a series of 3-4 shorter books could have been better than this one long book.

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Overall, I felt that the experience was very friendly, and you should read the book too. The learnings here are sure to help you out in your future.


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